The need

Clare has suffered from insulin controlled diabetes for the past 14 years. It was only at the time of her diagnosis
that she found out that she had already been diabetic for the previous ten years. Adopted as a child, Clare had no
previous family medical history to draw from. However, after some research, she discovered a grandmother had
died of diabetic complications. Like many diabetics, a concern for Clare is her condition suddenly escalating to dangerous levels without warning. Determined to stay independent and in her own home, which she shares with her husband, Clare needed an alternative solution to manage her health.

The Answer

For the past five months Clare has been trialling theTeleHealth system in her home which is aimed at giving
her the tools she needs to help manage her own health at home with the supervision of health professionals.

The method

Through the TeleHealth system, Clare takes her own vital signs readings each morning with the results sent
through a set top box connected to her television and monitored remotely by a nursing team. The team tracks
the results over time to help avoid an emergency situation from arising. Clare can also view her results on
her television.


The equipment

  • Set-Top Box - small, unobtrusive unit connected via the TV. The unit stores vital signs data
  • Blood Pressure Monitor - daily blood pressure readings are updated into the set-top box
  • Body Weight Scales - fluctuations in daily weight readings can indicate health problems.
  • Pulse Oximeter - measures blood oxygen levels and heart rate.
  • Blood Glucometer - Measures blood sugar levels.

The outcome

Clare has found that TeleHealth has made a big difference to her life. Being able to compare her results history has been hugely beneficial. She can now track her trends and gets great advice from her healthcare team if her readings show any abnormal results.
Clare’s GP recommended her for the TeleHealth trial, a joint research programme being trialled by the Newham Council and the Primary Care Trust.