The Trust has a great many policies and procedures that determine how it operates that can be found here. The following are a selection that we think will be of most interest to users of our Telehealth services.

Telehealth Policy

The Telehealth Policy describes the Trust services that are covered by the policy, the aims of the service, the part that it plays in the Trust’s wider services, the evidence base for Telehealth, the procedures followed and how the service is managed. The target audience for this document is Trust staff and not the public.

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Access to records policy

The Access to Records policy sets out who may apply for access to personal patient information held by the trust, their rights, relevant legislation, responsibilities and the subject access requests handling process.Click here to access the policy

The Health Records Policy

This policy sets out the standards and processes required for maintaining high quality health record keeping standards for all service users. This includes community and mental health service users and includes all types of paper and electronic health records.

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